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Personal Statement

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MBA personal statement  

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Born into a peasant family isolated by high mountains, I have come a long way to be where I am. A senior manager now of a state-owned company that has grown into a medium-sized foreign trade business in China in only five years, I not only head one of my company’s most important departments but also travel abroad from time to time on behalf of the company. Often hungry and cold as a child, I now enjoy a comfortable life, which I hope will still get significantly better after I receive advanced business training in a quality MBA program.

In many ways, it is thanks to the childhood hardship that I have made my achievements. In trying to help alleviate the financial burden on my parents, I made my debut in the art of money-making at an age when American kids probably could not be hired to work. I still remember earning my first coin by buying fruits from one place and then selling them in another. Too little a profit it might seem, but it counted towards meeting the family’s expenses the. But more importantly, the coin started me out in a business career that I now hope to translate into sizable fortunes.

The hunger and humiliation that I endured as a conspicuously poor child, even by the standards of the poverty-stricken mountains, taught me the importance of success. Luckily, my parents, ignorant as they were, knew that the key t real success would lie in my education, and they toiled and moiled year in and year out to put that key into my hand, in a parental spirit and tradition that probably can only be found in China. Watching my parents working their backs off every day, I acquired the kind of determination, drive, and sense of responsibility not usually expected of Chinese women in China. With my parents’ unswerving support, I studied diligently and outperformed most of my classmates. For years, my academic report card was the main source of pride in my family.

On the strength of my high scores in the National University Entrance Examinations, I entered I 1986 into the Beijing-based University of International Business and Economy, one of the nation’s leading higher-education institutions of its kind, to major in accounting in its Department of International Business Management. Brought up in an isolated community, I was convinced that my country, just as my family, could only achieve real and sustained prosperity by readily doing business with the outside world. Masking full use of every minute I had, I read a variety of books and journals related to my major, through which I broadened my vision and enriched my knowledge. My professional interests were focused mostly on accounting, finance, and international trade. As you can see from the transcripts, my undergraduate academic record was excellent, ranking me among the top three among the 140 students of my department. In recognition of my performance, the university awarded me a stream of scholarships and prizes.

While my grades are outstanding, I am more distinguished by my publications, which demonstrate an insistent quest for real solutions to real problems. The International Business, a widely-read business journal in China, published a number of my articles. These include Reasons of the American Trade Deficit with China (Sept. 1, 1987), Exploration of the Stock-holding System Employed by the Big and Medium-sized State-owned Enterprises (Mar. 29, 1988), and Prospects of the International Shipping Industry (May 5, 1988). In 1990, I worked as a coeditor to the Dictionary of Contemporary Accounting and Financial Management, which has since become a major professional reference book to many Chinese entrepreneurs, accountants, auditors and other professionals in the business community. My editing concentrated on six sections, Accounting, Auditing, Financial Management, International Finance, International taxation, Bonds and Real Estates.

My solid education paid off in my ability to take on a variety of responsibilities in China’s booming economy. After I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 1990, I first took up the job of an assistant to the funding manager at the China National Technical Import & Export Corporation, where I gradually developed into an experienced accounting professional. Upon a meticulous analysis of the company’s financial statements, reports and other records, I found its financing policy skewed. It was borrowing billions of RMB with high interest rates while maintaining large bank deposits at low interest rates. Together with my supervisor, I rewrote the financing policy, saving the corporation approximately thirty million yuan. To maximize financing efficiency, I also developed an internal banking system that, by closely tracking the actual funding supply and demands of different departments and projects, made full use of the corporation’ financial resources. For this, I received special commendation from the president of the corporation.

Since 1993, I have been meeting increasingly greater challenges at the China Kingdom Import & Export Corporation, a company that I helped to set up. As head of the company’s Financial and Accounting Division, I formulated its accounting rules and policies, internal control mechanism, financing plans, contract-control systems, and many other crucial policies. By meticulous budgeting and accounting, my division played a very important role in the corporation’s rapid growth, which reached an annual total of sales of US $30,000,000 in 1997. This impressive track record now gives it a strong competitive edge over others. It enjoys an A credit rating by the China Merchants Bank, and has been designated an honor importer by the U.S.A Sea-food Association.

Having been in business for eight years, I feel that I have not taken full advantages of my potential, all my achievements notwithstanding. I have practiced my professional expertise in accounting, demonstrated my leadership abilities and perfected my communication skills. But I have yet to become an entrepreneur in my own right, and to fully master the art of modern business. I want to be trained more vigorously in scientific methods of analysis and synthesis. As China’s embrace of market economy gets consolidated, it creates a lot of opportunities and challenges that I do not yet feel fully confident to seize. I need to understand better how a full-blown market economy like that of the United States really works. I am sure that, in many respects, China’s development in the coming decades will mirror the American experience in the past. My business career has so far benefited mostly the companies that I worked for, but a good business education in America will probably spell the beginning of a new era for me. It should be the final leg of my journey before I achieve significant financial success for myself.

Your university is well known for its excellence in American business education. I am sure that, with my extensive business experience on forefront of China’s economic reform and development, I can be a worthy student of yours. I am anxious to benefit from your seasoned guidance and take advantage of your research facilities. If you accept me, you will be not only taking me farther away from the destitution I suffered as a child but also putting me in a position to help lift multitudes of Chinese people out of poverty. When my own company makes not only me but also many other people rich, when many people become insulated through my effort from the kind of suffering that I once endured, I will perhaps finally say I have achieved real success.
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